Sunday, 7 August 2011

Made it to LA!

We made it!  Had a flat tire three hours north of here but a nice California State police officer helped us out.  That is a whole story to tell!
Since my last blog, we have had many many experiences.  The giant redwoods in Humbolt red wood forest state park.  It was a fantastic experience!  Beautiful weather, a little cool but nice, a great camp site and hikes.  We met two people camped next to us from TO.  On our last night, the camp host reported that there had been three bears roaming our camp site looking for Goldilocks and some porridge!  The other thing I didn't know was that we were in Big Foot country.

On one of our drives, I saw a whale, two eagles and lots of deer. 
The drive to Half Moon Bay was treacherous!  It was beautiful but miles of feeling like we were on a roller coaster!  Now we can say we did it and won't do it again!  We were camped right on the ocean but it was very misty and the fog did not lift.  Only bad weather we have had on the trip.

Sara, we have seen a lot of redwoods but only two red heads on our whole trip!

It is great to be in LA.  Yesterday we went to The Grove and the Farmers Market, today for my birthday we will go to a park and have lunch out.  It is a beautiful day here.  Tuesday we are off camping just north of LA in wine country with Dan and Carina.  Looking forward to that for sure.  Then we plan our trip back home!

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  1. Karen, the pictures are beautiful..don't you just love the view of the ocean, never thought to look for whales or dolphins when we where there...but what a view!