Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The Arches National Park, Utah

The drive here from the Grand Canyon was only 6 hours and the scenery was spectacular!  We felt like we were on a whole different planet.  The elevation is high but it was a desert!  It was very HOT!  The day we had the blowout was 108!  Still worth the experience.  It was like being in a Museum of Nature.  Not one thing man made but made by Mother Nature.  A very spiritual place.  Both Gerry and I had very strang dreams while we were there.  This place is where many of the Indiana Jones movies were made.
The town of Moab where the Arches is located is also very different.  Since it is a tourist area, people are very friendly and efficient.  I have never seen anything like it!  On Monday morning when we got our tire fixed, it took all of half an hour.
The trick to being in a desert we learned was to drink a gallon of water every day.  You have to drink before you feel thirsty or you can dehydrate very quickly.  As you will see from a few of the pics I added, it is very beautiful.

The balanced rock!  (How did this last pic get on here twice?  That is Gerry waiting for the rock to fall on his head!)

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