Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Today in Colorado!

It was great to get on the road and out of the desert.  The change in scenery is such a short drive was incredible and mind boggling.  Also the temperature.  We went from red rock and sand to lush mountain meadows and much cooler temperature in a period of about 6 hours!  It is great to be in a motel room for two nights also.  We definitely loved camping but have had enough of it.  The heat got to us.  The days and nights were HOT in Utah. Thank God we were smart enought to bring a fan.  As I write I am looking out the window at snow capped moutains.  Here are some pics from Dillion Colarado near Breckinridge and Vale.

And to top it off....we did not go on too many shopping trips but this one ended it all!  Our motel is right across the road from those wonderful outlet malls they have down here in the States.  We did some great shopping at Columbia. 

We have booked motel rooms for Wed and Thursday.  Plan to be home by Friday evening.  I can't imagine what the scenery will be like through Nebraska and Iowa.  I know that Illinois and Michigan will not be exciting.  Looking forward to coming home. ( I think.) 

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