Tuesday, 30 August 2011


We made it home on Friday after a very long three days of driving.  The weekend was made up of unpacking and getting settled in.  People have been asking me what the highlights of the trip have been.  There have been very many.  My best ones are  (in no particular order)
  • Spending time with Gerry. Which is the point of my retirement. We had a GREAT time together!
  • Being able to spend my 60th birthday with Dan.  It is so rare that we see each other on special occasions so this was extra special.  The camping trip with Dan and Carina was fabulous.  We got them all to ourselves for three days!
  • The Italian food we had on my Birthday in a LA restaurant.  The best ever!
  • The Thai food in LA.  The best ever!
  • The Japenese noodle dish.  The best ever!
  • Carina's English breakfast.  Beans and poached egg on toast.
  • Camping food.  Kraft dinner with Broccoli, french toast with dark chocolate almond butter.
  • California wine.
  • Swimming in a Mountain fed lake in Custer Park on a HOT day.
  • Riding a bike from Santa Monica to Venice Beach.
  • Crazy Horse
  •  Wild life.  The elephant seals, deer, eagles, whales and all the diffent types of squirrels and chipmunks.  Buffalo, elk..and many many more.
  • The scenery while driving.  Spectacular!
  • Crazy Horse
  • Grand Canyon and of course, the Arches
  • The Rocky Mountains in Colarado..


Yesterday while I was with my good friend Pat, she asked me what I was going to do now that I was retired.  She suggested I write a book.  Ha ha I said.  What would I write about?  Her words stuck with me and I decided that I would keep on with this blog.  Retirement is a whole new life.  I have no deadlines to meet, no special time to get up in the morning, and no pay check!  For the next couple of weeks I plan to be quiet, spending time at home and hopefully visiting with my daughter and good friends.  I have started a list for September.  I plan on joining Tia Chi again, do all the walks of hope for Sept., hit a few golf balls, learn how to get my pics organized, read, walk, ride my bike, make soup, and garden.  Other than that I would like to go camping somewhere close during the good weather.  My challenge will be to NOT to take on any committments for a few months so I can get to know who I am without my career.  After that, I will be able to lead a more balanced life and be able to give of myself again.  The door is wide open to see where I will go with it.  My other challenge will be to live more simply.  I see that as a positive challenge because I worry about money all the time.
 I thought that this blog might be a sign of being self absorbed but I will use it as a tool for myself and if anyone has any suggestions for me than I would appreciate it.  Look at what has happened to some people who wrote blogs.  Maybe someone will want to publish this as a book and/or make a movie!  That would take care of my money worries!!!

Playtirement has a new beginning of today!

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