Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The Grand Canyon, Arizona

We left LA and drove through the Mojave Desert past Les Vegas and into Utah.  Nice drive but the HOTTEST yet!  Went up to Utah and drove through Zion National Park and then to camp in Jacobs Lake which is just a few miles from Grand Canyon National Park, North rim.  We had met a woman in Half Moon Bay that said that it was not that hot at the North Rim so we decided to do the trip.  The days were hot but manageable and the nights were cool for sleeping.  This experience was spectacular.  We both are so glad we went although the drive was very long!  Spent two days visiting the Grand Canyon.  The first day our legs were very wobbly.  In many parts you cannot see the bottom!  The second day we were a bit braver.  We visited many view points.  People that we spoke to said that the North rim was less crowded and less touristy than the South Rim.  We had a mavelous experience!

On to Arches National Park in Utah!

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