Sunday, 31 July 2011

On the California Coast

Afer three days of camping at South Beach on the Oregon Coast, we have made it to Eureka in Northern California!  Again, a fabulous drive on the Pacific Ocean Coast and a nice surprise though miles of red woods!  Now nice and warm in a Super 8 Motel room here in a very strange area of the Pacific Coast,  Misty and cool.  Off to camping again tomorrow in the Redwood forest just a couple of hours south of here and then off to Half Moon Bay to camp for a couple of nights.  Then LA!  It has been CHILLY!  We are nice and warm in our new Wal Mart sleeping bags but this was unexpected.  The fresh seafood has made up for the cold though.  Had great clam chowder in Newport where we were camping and bought a fresh chinook salmon to cook at our campsite.  Both were wonderful.  Just had fresh red snapper here in town and now will finally have a shower.  I now as you can see can get on my blog but still am having problems downloading some great pics!  Jen, if you can give me the instructions again that would help. I am sure once we are in LA Dan might now what to do.  Hope all is well back home.

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  1. Hi Karen, So great to hear about your trip! Now for the photos... Where you write your posts, you should see several little icons just above where you write. If you hover the mouse over them without clicking, they will tell you what they are. One of them is for pictures or "Add Image". Click on it. A box will pop up with some options for you. Click "Examine" from the Add and Image from you Computer section. It will take you to wherever you guide it to on your computer, where you keep you photos. Find your photo. Double click on it. Then click Upload Image and you will have to wait a few moments while it is uploading. It will tell you once it has been uploaded. Good luck! Can't wait. xoxo Jen