Tuesday, 19 July 2011

HOT! In South Dakota

13 hours of driving in the hot sun today.  Now in the Super 8 motel in Souix Falls!  Thank God again that we decided to book motel rooms for the first two nights.  We had another non eventful drive even though we went through Chicago this morning.  Had a great ride through Minnisota!  Beautiful green farmland and highway.  I have seen enough corn, soybeans and wind farms to last me a lifetime!  Tomorrow we arrive in Custard State Park near Mt Rushmore.  It is going to be 97 degrees tomorrow!  Hottest day yet but by Thursday it is suppose to be 85.  It will be very challenging to set up camp.  I'm sure we will survive.  If you don't hear from us, then we don't have wi fi in the park.  We will visit Wal Mart tomorrow morning to buy cell phones. Then I can call home to see how Azreal is!  Gerry has been a dream to travel with.  He might say different about me!!


  1. Sounds AWESOME!!! Wish I were there!! You passed through Chicago in a car? Did you run over a Turkey? Ask Dad... he will remember the story.... xo Jen

  2. Wave at Mt Rushmore for me! It's pretty awesome.