Thursday, 28 July 2011

Happy in Oregon

Happy Anniversary to us!  Yesterday was our 15th!  Had a wonderful day driving from Boise Idaho to Salem Oregon.  Long again but the most spectacular scenery ever!  In a best western and out to have a fabulous dinner last night.  Today we are off to the coast!  Camping at South Beach State Park Oregon.  Can't wait.  Short drive.


  1. Enjoy!! I have always wanted to see Oregon! Can you post photos? xo Jen

  2. Checking out blog- looks like you are having fun! Add some photos so we can see what you are up to. Had Marilyn here for a few days- had a great time. Now Donny is coming on Sunday- heading to the cottage on Tuesday and then off to Niagara Falls for a night!
    Keep the blog posts coming!
    Take care- Love Judy