Saturday, 15 October 2011

Change of Heart

Since my last blog, I have had a change of heart.  I am LOVING retirement!  Of course the weather has helped.  We have spent most of our time outdoors working in the garden, bike riding, walking and hiking.  I said to Gerry last week, "I retire and summer continues till the middle of October!"  Most of our lunches and dinners have been on the back deck. 
I have been injoying spending time with friends.  I am  so blessed to have so many good people in my life that have been very supportive.  Now I feel warm and safe in my transition.  Also, I am thankful for the time I have with Gerry and his support as he continues to work to make this possible.  He still really enjoys his work and loves to stir the pot in his profession.  Talk about "stirring the pot,"  it has been easy to find causes to make a difference.  Tomorrow we will be attending Foodstock to help to safe precious farmland from a mega quarry.  I would have loved to be in Toronto today for the social protest against capitalism.  It sure is great to know that people are finally speaking out about how contolled we are by big corporations and banks. 
On a lighter note,  I am feeling very proud and blessed to have great children who are very talented and great people.  It is so wonderful to be able to share in their success.  Looking forward to spending more time with all of them including  Jen, Aurora and Oscar who will hopefully be moving back to Canada soon. 
It is time that I discover who I really am.  I have been busy this last couple of months cooking and getting my house in order.  I will continue to do the things that have been  enjoyable but I will begin to protect my time more closely by doing more of nothing.  Meaning, sitting and reading, doing art, writing on this blog and learning to be "still."  This will be a challenge but I am up for it.  Also, commiting to more activity such as tia chi and skating.  One of the best comments that I heard that truly reflects on what my life has been like mostly this past few months, was when we went ice skating in Thornbury for the first time on Wednesday.  Gerry and I were skating around the ice together at full speed to the music.  One fella came up to me and asked, "Do you two have a license to enjoy yourselfs cause you sure look like you are!" 

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  1. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time with your new transition. I too am trying to learn to relax more. Neat post to read as I'm originally from Toronto but have been on the West coast for many years.