Thursday, 27 October 2011


We are just heading into November!  This is a month that I dread!  Very little light and damp cold.  However, I will be busy so it will be easy to get through.  I am going back to work at CAPC, three afternoons a week temporarily.  It will only be for the month because the program has had staffing problems big time!  I will go in to help only with the children so it will be fun.  My previous boss has also signed me up on a casual contract and will pay me well for this particular job. This will give me a little bit of money for Christmas that will make me very happy.  It will also not interfere with the skating in Thornbury that we are really enjoying.
A couple of my friends from Sarnia were up to visit for the weekend.  Always a good time with lots of laughs and heated discussions mainly about children in the early years and policy around education and social services.  Looks like I might have the opportunity to do training for the program "Roots of Empathy" that won't begin till August.  I have always wanted to do this!  If it works out, I will be able to facilitate this program in the schools around here and it is all about babies and empathy!  How perfect is that?  The training will be paid for but my time will be volunteering. It is so perfect that I can hardly believe it!  And...if it doesn't work out, no big deal!  That is the future and I am enjoying now!  I am so fortunate.  It is amazing what can happen when you open up yourself to opportunity.  This program will not take up much of my time either!  Many good things will happen because of it.
I am back in my dream group, Jungian therapy, and that has been a dream!  The group is made up of great people and is very intimate.  It provides me with the support I need and has been very helpful during this transition. Things seem to be falling into place and I get to be with people I enjoy being around.
Dan and Carina will be here on November 18th. (not really here but in Toronto)  It is exciting because they are both involved with a band called Puscifer and they will be performing at the Sony Centre of Performing Arts in Toronto.  We do not really like that kind of music but this is a big venue so it will be exciting to be there.  I can be the proud Mama.  The other good thing is I will get a hug from both of them and get to spend some time with Sara and Kelsey!  Times like this are precious.  I'll take what I can get from my very busy children.
Last time I wrote, we were going to Foodstock to protest the building of the Mega Quarry in our area.  What an amazing event!  100 chefs and some amazing music.  Even though it was a cold, windy, rainy day, at least 28,000 people showed up!  The food was awesome and it was so well organized!  We pray now that this terrible hedge fund group will back off and that our govt will support the cause.  Only time will tell.  Lots of money was raised to help with the legal cost of fighting this cause.  Farmers, chefs and all those interested in local foods and protecting farm land came together.  I am including some pics from that event.
Till next time...... chow.

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